Shane McIntosh

1986 – 

The Fitness Challenge Triathlon First year of the Tri

Race Director -Dick Bruce 

Committee- Linda Hill Gregory, George Dondaville, Mark Woodruff.

1987 – 

Mark Woodruff Race Director .


1988 – The Fitness Challenge Triathlon 
1989 After 10 years in business, The Fitness Challenge Triathlon 
1990The Fitness Challenge Triathlon 

Linda Hill Gregory 

Y Not Tri,LLC 

Race Director and Owner  - Linda is a previous triathlete and marathon runner. She has completed 7 marathons including the NYC Marathon (3 Times) and The Boston Marathon. She has also competed in over 40 Triathlons and is a Florida Ironman Finisher.- Finishing 3rd Overall.

 She has been involved with The Fitness Challenge Triathlon from the early planning stages and was Race Director from 1989-1994 and has been the Current Race Director Since 2004. 

The Marco Island Triathlon deputed in 2010.

Andrew McIntosh

Experienced Race Director 

Race Day Operations Manager and Director .

Y Not TRI , LLC 

Join the Y NOT TRI  family whose goal is to provide a  Safe, Fun, Positive Experience for Triathletes.


We’re currently looking for Young, Healthy, Strong Dependable Individuals To:

  • Set Up Equipment 

  • Move Equipment

  • Take Down Equipment 

  • Have Happy Positive Attitude 

  • Flexible hours

  • Hard Working 


Please contact us or email me at 

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